SEVERAL factors determine the outcome of a softball game,

but none more directly than the batter's count.  Most people don’t realize that the count always offers someone an advantage, it gives somebody an edge, and while it is certainly true that things like strategy, talent, skill, and even luck factor in strongly to who wins or loses, the batter's count is most often the determining factor, especially when the game is on the line.  This makes sense because a softball game is a series of battles between the pitcher and the batter and nothing has more effect on the outcome of these battles than the count.  The count determines what the next pitch thrown will be and where it is intended to go.  Whether you are a pitcher or a hitter, What's the Count? will tell you how to consistently get the count to be in your favor in these ongoing battles.  With the count in your favor you will have an advantage on your competition which will greatly increase your chances for individual success, and for the success of your team.



written by TOM DODD, two time ASA Class A  National Championship coach

foreword by LISA DODD, former UCLA Bruin
All-American player and current University of
Nevada at Las Vegas head softball coach


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